You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

You make me haaaaapppy, when skies are gray….. Yes, dear blog followers, you make me happy. And now I hope this little post will make you or someone else happy, too.

As promised a few days ago, here are the directions for making this adorable piece of wall art that Sue made for her little granddaughter. It’s as easy as pie.

TRIVIA: “You are my Sunshine” was originally written in 1940 by Louisiana Governor Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. Louisiana has two official state songs and, by golly, this is one of them! (Source:

You are my sunshine wall art

You are my Sunshine easy wall art to decorate your children’s or grandchildren’s bedroom walls

Here are the instructions in 10 easy steps – straight from Sue…

16” x 20” artist canvas
White fabric large enough to cover the canvas
Yellow fabric for the sun
Frixion pen
Cosmos embroidery floss in colors of your choice
4 buttons
Batting – a piece large enough to fold over the canvas


  1. Stretch the white fabric over the canvas and temporarily hold it there with masking tape.
  2. With your Frixion pen, draw your designs. Suggestions include flowers, trees, sailboats, dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, houses or whatever makes you happy. (Both Sue and I can strongly recommend taking a beginning art class. You will learn so much and gain a lot of confidence. My local library offers a Saturday Studio once a month which my husband and I attend regularly. They are wonderful and very inexpensive. Check you your library and see if they offer something similar.)
  3. Once you’re happy with your design, start stitching.
  4. The stitches Sue used were the running stitch, back stitch and French knots. There are many resources online for how to work stitches but if this is something you would like to see here on the blog, leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do to oblige.
  5. Appliqué your sun to the white background fabric.
  6. When you are happy with your stitching, add the buttons.
  7. Remove your piece from the canvas.
  8. Cover the canvas with your batting and then your stitched piece on top of that.
  9. When in place, staple it all to the back of the canvas to secure.
  10. Hang it up!

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