My Weekend(s) Projects

My lovely little OLD house is still under major remodeling one year (and more) after I bought it.  Last weekend I spent Sunday removing wallpaper from my living room


This weekend its the dining room.

ImageImageMy hands and shoulders are aching but I guess I’m getting closer to painting but I have no idea what colors to paint the rooms.  I take that back – the dining room is going to be a paprika color and the kitchen will eventually be a neutral color with blue accents but what about the living room? My couch is linen colored, the guest room (off the dining room is sandstone or beige).  Here’s the fabric I’m using to make my curtains for the living room – I love it – its designed by Nel Whatmore for Free Spirit.  I love it and have had it for ages just waiting for my living room to be ready for curtains.

Image and you can see the paint chips but I’m just not loving them.  Ideas, thoughts? Come on guys – help me out here!




13 thoughts on “My Weekend(s) Projects

  1. Sue – I love what you’ve done with the place! What fun. The fabric for your curtains is really pretty. As for the paint – I have 2 suggestions – 1 – paint swatches of your favorites on different walls of the room and then look at them at different hours of the day and see if you still like them. The color may change and you may not like it. 2 – pick one shade lighter than what you think. I don’t know why but that usually works for me. Of course, if you’re happy with #1, don’t do #2. Make sense?


  2. Sue – I would go with either an off-white/ivory to show off the curtains. A dark off-white would be best. I think if you try to match a color in the fabric you will be unhappy over time. Use pillows, antiques, quilts, etc. to bring out the colors in the curtain fabric, not the walls. Just my thoughts


    • Hi, Karen – this is Betsy. Sorry about your troubles leaving a comment. That was my fault. I hadn’t “approved” the comment. I usually check several times a day but hadn’t looked this morning. Have fun and keep posting. We love hearing from everyone.


  3. I would pick the brighter blue in your print, can’t tell for sure, but if your paint is SW look for “Rain Drop” it really brings out the gold tones!


  4. It looks like your paint chips are in greys, while the curtain fabric is in warmer tones. I’d go with a warmer tone for the walls, too. Maybe a light buttery yellow. Antique gold for trim.

    Btw, loved the stair risers!


  5. Hi Sue, here is some input…toss those aside. There is too much gray there in the samples…go with swatches that have warmer yellow base in the paint. Hope this helps…go to the rusts (yellow is in rust). Don’t be matchy-matchy u will drive yourself insane…get out your color wheel..just saying I think the teal & blue (& I’m a blue lover) would fight..good luck, do post further updates – I luv to see projects! Sue


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