Do you strip (quilt)?

Go ahead—respond any way you will. To each her own, I say.

I wanted to share with you some miscellaneous blocks I made up a few days ago. I had a box of random strips of fabric leftover from some projects. The box was getting too full so I decided I would try to make something of it. My blocks are the result.

I was quite happy with the results and I had this lovely feeling that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers must have felt when they saw the remnants of their past sewing projects reincarnated in their patchwork quilts. When I saw my finished blocks, I said to myself, “yes, that was from Bailey’s pillowcase, and that was from the border on a wedding gift, and that was from a quilt I made and that was fabric from my friend, Michelle.” They all had meaning to me.

Last night I saw a quilt made up entirely of strip-pieced blocks sewn together – no sashing at all and I loved the look. If I keep saving my scrap strips, eventually I would like to make more blocks and put together a quilt like that. Have any of you done strip piecing? Have you made a quilt using it?

How about string piecing? Have you used this technique to make a block or a quilt? — Betsy

strip scraps for making quilt blocks

This is my little box of scrap strips after I made my blocks. I actually now have room for more.

IStrip Pieced Blocks

Betsy’s strip pieced blocks using an odd assortment of strips from various quilting projects.


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