It’s a Blog Block Giveaway

We at Sew, O’Susannah! are pretty darn excited about our first Blog Block Giveaway. Go ahead, try to say that three times fast.

What is this and what do you get? For the next 12 weeks, 12 happy people associated with O’Susannah’s Quilt Shop are going to be sewing. And they’re sewing something for you…something you can win. Yes, ladies and gents, each block (there are going to be 12 of them) handmade by friends, family and staff of the O’Susannah’s Quilt Shop can be yours to do with what you please.

Simply answer the question of how you would use this block. For that answer you will get 1 entry. For liking O’Susannah’s Quilt Shop on Facebook, you will get 2 entries! Read on and don’t forget to enter.

So each week, the Sew, O’Susannah! blog will be posting and blogging about a particular quilt block. All the quilt blocks are being made from Memories of Christmas Past by Betsey Langf (and available in the shop, of course). Anyway, 12 of us (yes, Sue and I are also included in this) will be creating one of the blocks in fabrics of our choosing. Each week, a picture of one of those blocks will be posted and a little bitty bio of the person who made it will be offered to you at the same time. It’s just a little way for you to get to know all of us a little bitty better.

On May 1st, a winner will be randomly chosen. That winner will win ALL the blocks. Yesiree – every last one of them – 12 in all. And when you win we hope you will share with us what you do with them.

Come on…give us your entry. We can’t wait to hear from you. Good luck!

Here’s the first block of our Blog Block Giveaway

Twisted Star Block by Shirley Knapp Johnston

Shirley is Sue’s mom, mother to not only Sue but also Jane Holley, Margaret Leuwen and mother-in-law to Jeanne Knapp. Of course she is also mom to three boys but we’ll let that go for now. Some of you may know Jane, Margaret and Jeanne as they’re in the shop often and help keep it running.

Twisted Star Quilt Block

This is the Twisted Star Quilt Block created by Shirley Knapp Johnston.

Shirley says, “My daughter, Jane and I, went to a quilt demo at the local library in 1981. At the same time I had quit smoking. This seemed like the perfect outlet to keep my hands busy. It worked. I have a large family and they really enjoy receiving my quilts.” Shirley made her block using Andover’s “Downton Abbey Collection.”

Enter the Blog Block Giveaway through our Rafflecopter giveaway.

Don’t forget to stop back next week for block #2 of the Blog Block Giveaway!


9 thoughts on “It’s a Blog Block Giveaway

  1. I would use this and all the other blocks to make a memory quilt so I would have something to commemorate all the great times and all the lovely ladies that frequent my favorite place – O’Susannah’s Quilt Shop.


  2. Quilts are a passion of mine. Right from picking out the pattern, collecting the fabric and the fun part is cutting for me. I love to cut out fabric. Next is my love for seeing the blocks going together. Finally before I head down to O’Suzannah’s to pick out the thread and design to match the quilt, I make sure that the binding is all ready so when Sue calls me to come pick it up I can return home to put the binding on it. I would love to receive these blocks. Mary


  3. Ok- so I was a bit confused — was trying to leave a comment on the link and it wouldn’t let me (or more I am challenged!) — I would make a little wall hanging to add to my ‘military wall’🇺🇸


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