Block Blog Giveaway Week#3


Sharon Bristol-jack of all trades, beginner quilting teacher, Jo Morton Club leader and sales clerk

I like to have an adventure once in a while to keep my life interesting… sleeping with the Kuna Wali Indians or a 500 mile hike in Spain…something different.  Do you think maybe that I chose these beautifully bold and vivid colors for my Churn Patch block?? And I’ve been quilting before our Bicentennial when there were no rotary cutters!


Don’t forget to comment on the post.  We’ll be giving away all 12 blocks on May 1, 2014 ! Enter the Blog Block Giveaway through our Rafflecopter giveaway.


8 thoughts on “Block Blog Giveaway Week#3

  1. This reminds me of countries in Eastern Europe, very ethnic, where people use vibrant colors and patterns to express themselves. I would use this to give to family with a Polish heritage.


  2. Not sure how I would use this block but I have the coordinating layer cake so I am sure I could figure out something!! Love it!


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