“Quilting in the Coop” – Book Review

Sew, O’Susannah! is excited to share their first book review with you. We plan to do this each month, so be sure to keep looking. There is a separate link here on the blog that will capture all the reviews so you’ll be able to find them easily in the future.

Our First Book Review: Quilting in the Coop

Quilting in the Coop by Emily McGlothlen

Book Name: Quilting in the Coop
Author: Emily McGlothlen
Publisher & Date: The Little Red Hen, 2012
Pages: 36

One of the first things I noticed about this book is it’s packed with 14 patterns and there is something for everyone. There is pieced work, appliqué, embroidery, wool work and even redwork.

My favorites are noted here. I would love to hear which ones are your favorites. And, if you make any of the patterns, post a picture!

Betsy’s Favorites from Quilting in the Coop

Irish Blessing (p. 4) – I love the blessing, house and sheep.
Grandma’s Redwork (p. 8) – reminds me of my mom. Oh – and I also love the vintage cherry clock shown in the picture.
All American (p.14) – love the fabric choices in this one. Makes the stars pop and float.
Laundry Fun (p.20) – this is just the cutest with the clothes hung on the line, “The Laundry Room. It’s Loads of Fun.”

Lovin’ It:
– Cute photography that always shows the pieces really well
– Clear directions
– Big variety of patterns for all skill levels
– Patterns that are clear

Likin’ It:
– A couple (but only a couple) of patterns have to be enlarged. I always find this difficult and I tend to shy from them. But that’s just me. This may not be an issue for you.
– Four patterns need Transfer-Eze (usually for lettering). I didn’t know exactly what that was but O’Susannah’s does carry it but it’s expensive. However, if you do a lot of lettering in your quilting or embroidery, I’m sure it’s worth the cost. I plan to check it out myself.

I close this post with the Irish Blessing:

“May you always have walls for the winds
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire.”

Comment and let us know what you think! –Betsy

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3 thoughts on ““Quilting in the Coop” – Book Review

  1. Betsy, I have this book and love it. Have yet to try any of the projects, but it’s on my list. Not sure if I have a favorite…I like the Irish Blessing, Stars and stripes Runner, Carrots and Cat Nip cats, The Laundry Room, and the Tea Towel. Looks like I could use Joan Ford’s scraps of 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ to make the Hen House Quilt.


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