Blog Block Giveaway Week #6


My name is Kim Hurley.  I learned to sew when I was very young and have always loved clothing and clothing construction.  I am fascinated by vintage clothing and the quality of the construction that is so different from the clothing we buy and wear today.  I have made alot of my daughters theater and dance costumes, worked for professional theater productions and even made a dolphin mascot costume for a local school.  My most recent clients have been burlesque dancers in NYC ! Relatively new to quilting I am loving new techniques.  I am amazed everyday by the fabulously creative people who work and shop here!



4 thoughts on “Blog Block Giveaway Week #6

  1. Really cute block, Kim. I hadn’t realized all the experience you have. So glad you work at the shop. Your tips and advice are always welcome.


  2. Would love to see some of your special projects for the custom sewing that you are doing! I have enjoyed your classes and hope you continue to stretch our creativity and skills!


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