Genes – one we all have in common


How many times have you heard someone express the giving nature of a quilter?  It seems it’s a gene we all have in common. Jean, one of my long arm quilters, recently heard about a young woman battling ovarian cancer.  And of course, her first thought was she needed a quilt even though she did not know this woman and had never met her!   Jean completed a beautiful quilt done in teal (the ovarian cancer color) and made a surprise visit to Janette’s apartment.  Janette was overwhelmed at the generosity from a total stranger.  Of course, Jean thought nothing of it.  She just wanted to reach out to this woman battling for her life as others had done for Jean’s daughter, Kelly when she faced her battle.  Kelly lost her battle but Jean’s loss didn’t stop her from hoping another young woman didn’t lose hers.  During Jean’s visit with Janette, she learned Janette has lost her job because of her illness, has no health insurance and has no family in the area to drive her back and forth to Roswell for treatments. Immediately, Jean knew she wanted to do more to help.  She decided to make another quilt and enlisted her friend, Sharon to help.  What’s another quilt – Jean made 30 quilts in 2013 so one more is not a big deal.  She and Sharon pieced this quilt in one day and Jean quilted it at the shop.  As you can see the quilt is beautiful and so springy just what we all need right now !  They are selling raffle tickets and the quilt will be at a benefit for Janette at Mickey’s Pub, Broad St.., Waverly, NY on April 12, 2014 from 5:00-9:00pm.  If you would like to purchase tickets ($2.00 each or 3/$5.00) and help Janette in her fight contact Jean at or visit us at O’Susannah’s.  I’m always so humbled when I meet a quilter who thinks nothing of reaching out to help someone in need much less a total stranger !


3 thoughts on “Genes – one we all have in common

  1. This quilt is beautiful! The daffodils make me think of spring…is it ever coming? Love to you, Jean, and Sharon for reaching out to others in need.


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