Welcome to Spring!

I don’t know where you all hang your bonnet but I live here in Upstate New York, plunk in-between the great Lake Ontario and the scenic Finger Lakes region. We are having a veerrrrrrry looooooonnnng winter. My spring bonnet is still in the closet while my wool hat, scarf and mittens sit at the ready. Spring is not coming soon enough for me. But alas, I have sidetracked.

Today is the first day of spring and to celebrate, I created a little appliqué block. I know. I know. Not everyone appliqués but honestly, this is really easy. In fact you hardly have to have any preciseness at all. In fact #2, you could probably just freehand draw whatever you want and make it into appliqué. Try it. You just might fall in love. After all, it’s spring!

So here’s the little block I made for you. I am calling it Ode to Spring. How’s that for a little poetic levity?

Ode to Spring Applique Block

I made up this little block for you. I call it Ode to Spring. I hope you enjoy it. It’s a little bit whimsical, I think.

You can Ode to Spring Pattern PDF. I put this pattern and block together in an hour or two so the pattern was simply sketched but it will work fine to trace. Just print it out on your computer.  Easy, peazy.

This is what you will cut:
From  green: 1 stem; 2 leaves
From  8 different prints: cut 8 petals
From blue: cut 1 circle center

For my background I just used a piece of muslin. My background fabric was cut as a 9 ½” square.

That’s it. I really love this pattern. It could be made up a bunch of different ways – Christmas fabrics; golds and yellows with a black or dark brown center for Black-eyed Susans – the variations are endless!

I was on Pinterest today. I love Pinterest, don’t you? I was poking around looking for, what else, antique quilts, but also for quilt blocks. I looked at a couple of great sites that I often visit. One is Laura Fisher Antique Quilts and the other is Betsey Teleford-Goodwin’s Rocky Mountain Quilts.

At Rocky Mountain Quilts I found the quilt blocks that inspired my Ode to Spring design. Here’s a picture of the blocks at Rocky Mountain Quilts. I am sure they are for sale but I didn’t see any prices on the blocks so if you’re interested you would need to contact them. Did I mention that I also love Depression-era quilts and fabrics? Could be that’s what attracted me to these blocks.

Vintage applique flower quilt blocks from Rocky Mountain Quilts.

Vintage applique flower quilt blocks from Rocky Mountain Quilts.

Rocky Mountain Quilts can be found here: http://www.rockymountainquilts.com/files/antique_quilts_index.php

Laura Fisher is at Fisher Heritage and Laura Fisher Antique Quilts & Americana and can be found here: http://www.laurafisherquilts.com/index.htm

Have fun creating and have a lovely first day of spring 2014!


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