Blog Block Giveaway Week #8


My name is Debbie Sanford, I live in Corning, New York.  I have two children, four step-children and three grandchildren. I work full-time at Corning Community College and I am one of the longarmer’s at O’Susannah’s.  My goal is to be able to retire from my full-time job in a little less than 4 years and be able to work more hours longarming.  I love to see all the quilts that customers have completed–the patterns and colors they use–and I like to be able to compliment them with the longarm portion of their quilt projects.  I also like to quilt and wish I had more time to follow my quilting passion.



8 thoughts on “Blog Block Giveaway Week #8

  1. Nice block, Debbie! Like the choice of fabric combination. Always happy with the longarming you do on my quilts and others. You do a great job!


  2. Love the color of fabrics! Great job making sure your directional fabric is all going in the same direction! It amazes me how many quilters that quilt as a profession do not pay attention to that! Wonderful block!!


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