Meet Sharon Stroud


Mariner’s Compass Bliss - hand pieced compasses designed and sewn by Sharon Stroud

Mariner’s Compass Bliss – hand pieced compasses designed and sewn by Sharon Stroud

Like many of us, Sharon Stroud began learning new quilting techniques by trial and error. And if you have ever taken a class from her, you are glad she kept with it because she’s good. Need perfect points? Scant ¼” seams? You can rely on Sharon to teach you how to get them.

Sharon began her teaching efforts in 1992 and it’s now her full time job. She’s been teaching at O’Susannah’s for 8 years and students love her.
Over the years, Sharon’s done all types of needle arts including knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint but quilting is what she loves most. Sharon feels that with quilting you can put your own twist on the designs. For Sharon, the opportunity for creativity was in quilting more than any other form and she became hooked.
Early on, Sharon started teaching machine piecing and machine applique with hand quilting. And she still does teach those things. The only thing she doesn’t teach is machine quilting
Sharon is well known for her hand piecing and hand quilting. So much so, that many people think that’s all she teaches. Not so. She just loves those two things so much and her goal is that those forms don’t die out.

A 32-point compass, small eight-pointers and a 16-pointer created by Sharon Stroud

A 32-point compass, small eight-pointers and a 16-pointer created by Sharon Stroud

Sharon is self-taught. When she learned new techniques it was trial and error. She continued to work on her techniques until she was satisfied. What makes her a great teacher? Well, she’s made all the mistakes you and I can possibly come up with – and she’s been able to fix and master them.

Off-set 16-point Mariner’s Compass--the “catalyst” block created by Sharon Stroud

Off-set 16-point Mariner’s Compass–the “catalyst” block created by Sharon Stroud

The early years for Sharon found her working on miniatures. Hmmmm….would love to see some pictures of those, wouldn’t you? Her early quilts had no binding because she didn’t know how to do it. That sounds familiar…She finally found decent directions and taught herself how to properly bind her quilts. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.
Sharon has a vast repertoire of experience. She can teach beginners to advanced but finds her teaching most often aligns with the beginner class. Could that be because she has a rah-rah attitude that helps inspire you and helps you gain that confidence to start and finish your project? Sharon believes that students can always be successful…that when they have a good foundation of the basics they can do anything. She’s very nurturing to her students and makes the classes fun.

More Mariner’s Compass Bliss by Sharon Stroud

More Mariner’s Compass Bliss by Sharon Stroud

In 2001, Sharon wrote, Dresden Plates of Distinction published by AQS. Asked when her next book was going to be written, she said, “With the amount of handouts I give at each class, I’ve probably written 5 or 6 more books!” That gives you an idea of how thorough her classes are.
Sharon’s taught all over the United States and Canada and will be teaching at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 2014.

To learn more about Sharon, check her out at these links. Contact Sue if you want to know when Sharon will next be teaching at the shop. – Sharon’s web site – Sharon’s blog




3 thoughts on “Meet Sharon Stroud

  1. I’ve taken some of Sharon’s classes and they are indeed wonderful. I’ve never left a class of hers without learning something. She is a great “cheerleader” and “coach”! If you need a refresher course in applique or hand piecing, take her class. She’ll quickly get you up to speed or get you over the “I can’t do applique” blues!


  2. If you are left handed, you have to take one of her classes. She actually puts a needle in her left hand to teach to you. No standing on your head to learn. 🙂


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