Blog Block Week #10



Hi! I’m Margaret Leuwen! Many of you know me, I’m one of Sue’s sisters, I’m actually the baby girl in the family but much to our sister Jane’s delight everyone thinks she’s the youngest. I come from a family of very crafty people. I was taught hand embroidery by our next door neighbor and my mother taught me how to make clothes. I started quilting 30 years ago when I was expecting our twins.

When the kids left home and I actually got an entire room to sew in Jeanne would stop by and be amazed at how neat and tidy my sewing room was. Well I have to confess that was back when I was still of the mind set that I would not start another quilt until I had finished the last! I have now developed the mind set of ‘I have to buy the kit, join the class and buy all of the fat quarters for every line I love because I want to make it and when I have the time to do it the fabric line will be gone’!




13 thoughts on “Blog Block Week #10

  1. I agree. When you like something buy it then. On shop hop I bought the same fabric at 2 different stores because I liked it and did not realize I already bought it

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    • Phyllis – I know what you mean. I am continuing to look for a fabric that I have a bit of and would like more. I can’t remember where I got it and I have also looked online. I think I am going to have to do without. Get it when you see it!


  2. When I opened the blog up the quilt block brought me back to my grandmother’s home. My grandmother quilted but I never saw her quilts until she died. She had continued to sew but had tucked the quilting skills away and her quilts in the trunk, maybe after her husband (my Mom’s died at a young age). Her skills skipped my mom, but I am truly my grandmother’s granddaughter and your block has brought me fond memories.

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  3. A block by Margaret and there is no hand embroidery on it? I still love it regardless!! And Margaret has been such a great help to me a number of times! A wonderful woman she is!!

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    • Miranda – that’s funny. Yes, Margaret should have some embroidery on her blocks. Margaret, her sisters (and sister-in-law!) and their mom are always ready to help and share their knowledge. -Betsy


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