Blog Block Week #11

Jeanne'sI’m Jeanne Knapp and I’m Sue’s sister-in-law.  I started quilting, as we quilt today in 2002.  I learned to make quilt blocks with templates, scissors and hand stitches in the 70’s.  That quilt is a UFO ! I loved the handwork so I took a class from Betty Alderman and learned to needle point, embroider and cross stitch.  Then my mother-in-law, Shirley who was quilting up a storm, invited me to a workshop taught by Georgia Bonesteel.  I do not remember what we made that day but I knew I wanted to learn to cut fabric with a rotary cutter and make a quilt.  Shirley said she would teach me.  I will always think of that day as my first day of quilting.  I learned to cut border strips, apply them and use my sewing machine to quilt a cross-hatch pattern on a redwork piece by Betty Alderman that I had embroidered.  That small wall quilt has hung every Christmas since that day.  I have learned many quilting techniques and made many quilts.  My husband, Tom, Sue’s brother says he’s not sure I can be called ä quilter”because all he ever sees are tops!  That is true.  I love fabric and piecing.  I cut and sew yards of fabric but I usually leave the quilting to the long armers.  I owe my love for quilting to my family, Shirley, Sue, Margaret and Jane.  Thank you for all you have taught me and the many opportunities I have had to enjoy the quilting world.


6 thoughts on “Blog Block Week #11

  1. I learned to quilt with templates and scissors. There were no rotary cutters then. I enjoy your blog. The fabric in that block is pretty. I do my own quilting by machine and put the sections together like Bonesteel. I watched her for years on TV.


  2. I remember using templates and scissors. Probably why I went the route of embroidery/cross-stitch. Rotary cutters changed my sewing. Loved the block, Jeanne. Can’t wait for your return. We’ve missed you!


  3. Jeanne, so glad that you began quilting many years ago and have continued. You show your enthusiasm for the craft to us all and motivate any of us to quilt, quilt, quilt! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

    Sandy Willmott

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