Blog Block Week #12

Sue'sI’m the last post in our Blog Block giveaway.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the blocks of the book, “Memories of Christmas Past”.  And now a little bit about me – I love almost all types of needlearts and have done quite a few.  My love began with simple embroidery and moved on to counted cross stitch,needlepoint, crewel,  hardanger, blackwork, redwork, drawn thread, canvas work and just about anything that took a needle with an eye.  If it was handwork, I gave it a try.  Quilting was one of the last things I learned to do and that was back in the late 1970’s.  I enjoyed it and experimented with different techniques.  Two of my favorites are hand applique and paper piecing, very different techniques.  It makes total sense I would love hand applique because of my love of hand work.  And I love paper piecing because I love any of the quilt blocks with sharp points such as Mariner’s Compass, New York Beauty or Pickle Dish.  They are my favorites and I love paper piecing because its the only time I am absolutely accurate!  I opened my shop in 2004 and I love everything about owning a quilt shop well…..except maybe book work !  Boredom never happens here because there is always something new to try and I love experimenting with new techniques and new fabrics.  What better place to be !  And of course, I love seeing my customers and hearing about their projects and meeting new people from all over !



12 thoughts on “Blog Block Week #12

  1. I also meant to say, thanks for all you do in the shop. It is a wonderful place. And thanks for teaching us the mariners compass. It is still one of my favorite blocks.

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  2. I love the traditional blocks and especially the basket! This would be a cute little easter wall hanging! Thank you for having such a wonderful shop!

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  3. Love the block! In fact, I loved all the blocks. Put together, they would make a great sampler quilt. I’ll have to get the book. Thanks for all the efforts you’ve made to make the shop a Top 10. It was a Top 10 for me before the magazine said so. You are very talented. Not only with a needle, but with anything you get your hands on. Glad I have had the opportunity to learn more needle and quilt crafts through you, your shop, your teachers, and your customers.

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  4. It is so easy to see that you love what you do! Your shop is always so inviting! Your enthusiasm for all kinds of needle art definitely is exhibited in all that you do! Thank you for sharing your love of quilting and needle work with all of us! Sandy Willmott

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  5. This has been such a wonderful idea and has made me miss O’Susannah’s even more. There are no stores like yours in Arizona and, with every post, I’m reminded even more of the pleasure I always had visiting your shop, chatting with you, and always finding what I needed for every project. I’ve enjoyed reading every post and seeing every block!

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    • Hi, Laura! What a lovely comment. I’m so glad you have enjoyed the posts. Keep reading!!!! 🙂

      Where in Arizona are you? A friend of mine owns a shop in Phoenix called The Bernina Connection. If you are ever in the Phoenix area, check it out and let Val know I sent you. –Betsy


  6. So…I am trying to enter the giveaway and I cannot find how we are supposed to do it! I love all the blocks and have followed the blogs and made a comment for each one…but it only shows that I entered three times….not knowing how to enter….

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    • I’m afraid that this has been a confusing effort. It was also our first time using this option. Because there has been some confusion, I will be entering everyone’s name who commented on the posts, even if they were unsuccessful in using Rafflecopter to enter. Sue and I discussed it and believe that is a fair option as it was confusing and so many of you were awfully kind to comment.


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