Good Morning, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh, PA on a spring morning in April

Pittsburgh, PA on a spring morning in April

Good morning to Pittsburgh and all of you! This was our morning view. You can see a bit of sun and a bit of the Allegheny River. This is really a beautiful city. I love that it’s in the hills.Anniversary breakfast in Pittsburgh, PA

Anniversary breakfast in Pittsburgh, PA

Another reason it’s a beautiful morning? It’s my 22nd wedding anniversary. What better way to start it off than with room service. You know you have a great spouse when he decides to spend his wedding anniversary with you at a quilting trade show.

I’ll try to post more tonight. I anticipate this being an exhausting but fantastic day. I hope yours is, too. –Betsy


4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Pittsburgh!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Loving Pittsburgh the more we are here. We shared a cab ride with some friends and they, too, commented how nice people are here. She said she was told by someone in Pittsburgh that “In most places when someone asks directions they will tell you how to get there. In Pittsburgh, people will say, ‘C’mon – I’ll show you.” I think that sums it up. You should be proud of your hometown.


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