Take some time for you!

the gang That’s just what I did this past weekend. I had some fun and reconnected with classmates from grade school and high school.  I think some of us were in first grade together.  Our 40th class reunion is fast approaching so we decided to make a quilt using Pal-Mac’s colors of red and white with a touch of black thrown in.  Have you caught up with friends you haven’t seen in years ? Try it – it was so much fun!  What amazes me are the people and stories we remembered even at our ages! We got together at The Upstairs Inn ( you know that great inn right above that great quilt shop) and started sewing and talking right out of the gate!  We never missed a beat.  Sewing all day and out to dinner was such a great way to spend the day.  Our quilt was a disappearing nine patch and Kathy (who was taken ill and couldn’t attend) had everything cut before we arrived and we had our quilt top done in record time.  Even the non-quilters got into the act.  Here’s a couple more photos – I’m sure you can tell we had fun!

Gail CJoyce

Note Gail at the ironing board?  She made a quilt top from Summer’s End Layer Cake and the new book-Cutting Cake.  The book is brand new and we picked it up at Quilt Market two weeks ago.  I’m going to be making one of those as soon as I can.  It was very easy to piece and cut and I loved the finished quilt top!  So as soon as you can take some time for yourself – it is so worth it to you and everyone around you!



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