It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #1)

Sue and I decided to have a little fun with several quilt pictures I inherited from my mother, Betty Alderman. (I know I keep bringing up her name but she really has left me with some great stuff. I hope you agree.) If you are on Facebook, you are probably aware of what is called, #TBT (Throw-Back Thursday). On Thursdays, many people post old pictures about which they, and others, are free to comment.

Because I have all these quilt pictures from my mom, we thought it would be fun to put one up each Thursday – I suppose until I’m out of pictures or you’re sick of seeing them. Not all pictures are great but I’ll do the best I can to straighten (if possible) and enhance some of the colors of the pictures. I hope you’ll like what you see. Perhaps the designs will pop a memory for you or create a conversation with us (please!) here at Sew, O’Susannah!

The pictures are from quilts that mom bought and sold (usually) when she and my father were living in central Ohio. These pictures were all taken about 1991-1992.

Here goes!

TBT Quilt #1

Silk Victorian circle quilt in red and black with a plaid backing.

Silk Victorian circle quilt in red and black with a plaid backing.

Mom simply labeled this as “Victorian.” I call it a Victorian Circle Quilt. Whenever mom purchased a quilt she attached a 3” x 5” card to the back of the picture where she described it and named it if she could, noted the size, where and from whom she bought it, on what date she bought it and the price she paid for it. If she sold it to a person or dealer, she stated who it was and when she sold it and for how much.

For any of you that buy and sell quilts, this is definitely one way to do it. It’s wonderful for us left that want to know more.

Anyway, here are the stats on the “Victorian Circle Quilt.”

Size: 48” x 68”
Maroon back
Black circles (I counted 84 black circles, 40 1/2 circles, and 4 quarter circles)
Yellow, gold buttonhole stitch
Plaid backing
Bought from: Steve Andrews at an auction in Wooster, Ohio, November 9, 1991

(Hmmm, that was my birthday. I’m glad Mom got something good that day!)

What she paid:
She paid $20 for it and sold it on 11/11/91 for $40. Doubled her money. 🙂

Don’t forget to post your comments, share, Pin, Tweet or post to Facebook, etc. If you have a picture you want me to post, email it to me and I’ll get it up.

Thanks for reading! …Betsy


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