National Ice Cream month – July

We all know about koozies, right? Those foam things just the right size to hold your favorite can of beer or soda?  Annie of By Annie designed by far the best koozie I’ve ever seen !  The heck with beer or soda, this koozie  holds a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Mine being Cherry Garcia !

ice cream koozie

Since July is National Ice Cream month and Watkins Glen just happens to have the newest Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shop, I had to make one.  Well…not just one but three.  One for myself and one each for Jim and Jamie at Ben & Jerry’s. So off I went to present Jim and Jamie with the perfect item to eat your pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Ice cream lady

Heck you don’t even put it in a bowl.  Eat it directly from the container just like we all do when no one is watching!And to top it all off it was Jim’s birthday so he received a Koozie made from basketball fabric.  Jim is a HUGE Syracuse basketball fan.  Half the fun of making anything is choosing the fabric for the person receiving the gift.

I even convinced a customer to give it a try – he declared it was the ONLY way to eat Ben & Jerry’s since his hands stayed warm and there was no condensation. And if by chance you don’t finish your pint in all one sitting, your koozie has a top.  Put it in the freezer till next time!

Ice cream guy

Here’s Jim, Jamie and I showing off our own personal koozie.

ice cream jim jamie

Click here to get your free pattern from and join her challenge . I used one package of Annie’s Soft and Stable size 18″x 58″and I got all 3 out of one package.  So these little koozie’s make awesome and inexpensive gifts only about $12.00 each – that’s if you buy your fat quarters but I bet you have some in your stash ! You’ll love this insulated koozie,  it keeps your hands warm, keeps your ice cream cold longer and prevents freezer burn.  Not that mine last long enough for freezer burn!

Come visit us at O’Susannah’s Quilts & Gifts and of course, pop over to Ben & Jerry’s and get a pint for your koozie!




2 thoughts on “National Ice Cream month – July

  1. Thanks for sharing, Donna! Years ago I had a Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Orange and I absolutely LOVED it. I tried another Ben & Jerry’s elsewhere and they didn’t have it. We don’t have a Ben & Jerry’s locally (where I live) so I haven’t checked it out. -Betsy


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