It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #2)

For today’s TBT, I present you with a Tumbling Blocks quilt picture. The original picture was taken in 1991. The quilt, however, was made in 1895.

Have any of you made a Tumbling Block quilt?

TBT Quilt #2

Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Mom liked to go to auctions and buy the quilts. She would study them briefly and then turn them over as quickly as possible, usually, sometimes only making a few dollars on them. Other quilts she would put in one of her two antique booths and, on occasion, she would keep a quilt.

Here are the stats on the Tumbling Block quilt.

Size: 85” x 66”
Inscription/Signature: “Pieced by great-grandmother 1895”

4” x 4” pieces [mom actually sketched the piece] multi-prints
Border [again she sketched this] on one edge
Backing: homespun type, 2 pieces
Quilting: 8 stitches=1” – diamonds in diamonds 1/2” apart. Very thin batt, carded cotton w/seed
Binding: brown print
Conditions: excellent except for 1 hole in one piece to be repaired (restored w/period fabric)
Bought from: Roush Auction in Shelby, Ohio December 12, 1991
Estate of Mirth Monn McKellogg, Shelby, Ohio

She paid $200 for it and sold it on 12/15/91 for $250.00

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Thanks for reading! …Betsy


2 thoughts on “It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #2)

    • Hi, Karen! Thanks for responding to this. I always thought I would like to do a charm quilt. I just started cutting scraps, mostly squares. Perhaps there will be a time when I will have enough for a quilt. Right now I have enough for a couple blocks. 🙂 –Betsy


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