Alayna’s quilt


Alayna1This is my granddaughter, Alayna Margaret.  She’s a year old and the second child of my daughter and son-in-law.  Note she’s a year old and the second child, my third grandchild.  Note she celebrated her first birthday in May.  Dear Alayna still has not received a quilt from her O’Ma who owns a quilt shop !  You have heard the story of the cobbler’s kids with no shoes?  I have grandchildren with no quilts !  I have been working on a quilt for Alayna since Abby first told me she was expecting her.  I knew just the quilt – I had made one for my grandson, Cole and loved making it.  Besides I had the perfect fabric, of course !  But I just couldn’t seem to get it done but I became determined.  You know how you feel when that one project is just looming over your head, it doesn’t have to be a quilting project any project like painting the front porch or mopping the kitchen floor!  Alayna’s quilt is from Sharon Stroud’s technique for making dresden plates.  Her book, Dresden Plates of Distinction Dresden Plate and as I said I love making them.





Here’s a couple of photos of Alayna’s quilt as I tried to decide about borders.



Alayna quilt 2Without borders  Alayna quilt 2  What do you think?

Alayna quilt 3 I’m thinking I’m liking this.   Alayna finished And finally ready for quilting !!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is a photo of Sharon’s upcoming class – Monthly Bliss Doubled starting in September .She’s combining handpiecing and hand applique in this beautiful quilt.  Check out the gallery to see other color options – it totally changes the look of this quilt. Look for a Wordless Wednesday photo of Alayna’s quilt all finished !




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