It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #3)

For today’s TBT, I present you with a Churn Dash quilt picture. The original picture was taken in 1991. Anyone care to venture a guess on the date of this quilt?

Have any of you made a Churn Dash quilt? How about a Churn Dash block? I know I have.

TBT Quilt #3

Churn Dash Quilt from Navada, Ohio

Churn Dash Quilt from Navada, Ohio

Mom didn’t make a lot of notes on this quilt.

Here are the stats on the Churn Dash quilt.

Size: 70” x 74”
Multi-color with blue and white homespun backing and binding. [It appears to me to have been blanket-stitched around the binding. What do you think?]

Bought from: Mike Clum Auction in Navada, Ohio August 14, 1991

Bought for $230.00 and sold it on August 28, 1991 for $250.00

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Thanks for reading! …Betsy


2 thoughts on “It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #3)

    • 1950s? I am away from the picture right now but I would doubt it. I don’t think I ever knew of my mom purchasing any quilts that recent. I will take another look at the picture and see if I can find any other subtle clues.


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