A Visit with Marcia DeCamp in Her Studio, Post #1 of 3: “What’s a Stash?”

It’s not often we get a glimpse into the studio of an award-winning contemporary quilter, but I had just that opportunity in early June. In January of this year I saw Marcia DeCamp at a Downtown Abbey tea and she invited me to her studio. I readily accepted but we couldn’t get it scheduled until early June.

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

A few things I should first tell you. Marcia is a former college professor. She taught several years at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY, teaching business classes. I attended there in 1976-1977 and she was one of my teachers. So I have known of Marcia for many (many!) years, though we never crossed paths, that I can think of. Marcia lives in Palmyra, NY, my hometown. So, it wasn’t hard to connect and I’m so glad we did.

On a beautiful, sunny day in early June I pulled into the DeCamp’s rural property and drove my car down a long drive and swung around at the barn. I was told to drive across the grass to the studio’s sliding doors but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. J

Marcia came out and met me and from there we entered a light-filled timber-framed studio. It was impressive and cozy.

I started out asking Marcia lots of questions and we eventually found ourselves all about the studio as Marcia showed me things and we talked about a wide range of topics. But for this post I want to share with you her stash and a bit more about her studio.

“What’s a stash?”
Marcia was mostly taught to quilt by taking classes at local quilt shops. She says, “I was such a newbie. We had our first meeting and she [teacher] said you can use fabric from your stash and I said, ‘What’s a stash?’”

Well, Marcia has come a long way since then. Let’s take a peek into Marcia’s “stash.” These pictures are just a portion of Marcia’s stash. I want to save some pictures for the next post to show more, including some fabrics that Marcia has personally dyed and designed. (Post #3)

Marcia DeCamp's Stash

Marcia DeCamp’s Stash

More of Marcia DeCamp's Stash

More of Marcia DeCamp’s Stash

More of Marcia DeCamp's Stash and Other Goodies

More of Marcia DeCamp’s Stash and Other Goodies

Now for a little tour in the studio. I hope you enjoy these pictures. The picture below is from Marcia’s studio that is in part of her original home. Marcia’s studio was an addition added on to her home.

Marcia DeCamp's Studio Space, Old Section

Marcia DeCamp’s Studio Space, Old Section

Marcia and her long-arm quilting machine. It is an Innova and it has been built so she can move it around. It’s her second long-arm. She sold her Handi Quilter 16.

Marcia and her long-arm quilting machine. It is an Innova and it has been built so she can move it around. It’s her second long-arm. She sold her Handi Quilter 16.

Some more looks around the studio…

Marcia DeCamp's Studio with "Night" and "Day" Quilts

This is one end of Marcia’s studio. All the white design walls you see are movable walls. There are six design walls and five of them have storage behind them. The quilts you see here are called “Night” and “Day.” More on those quilts another time.

Marcia DeCamp's Studio Space

Here you can see a bit more of the studio space. Additionally, check out the lighting. It is special in that it is “color correcting.” In other words, what you see is the actual color. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice to have in your sewing space?


Marcia DeCamp's Studio Space

This is some of Marcia’s work space. This is at the opposite end from the picture just prior.



Marcia DeCamp's Studio Space

Another look at the work space.

Marcia DeCamp's Studio Space

Lots of natural light comes in from skylights.

Here are a couple other little tidbits that you may find interesting about Marcia’s studio:

  1. Marcia’s studio was designed, “specifically to have large design walls so I could work improvisationally. I knew I wanted to have this much room for friends. To have big walls was a number one priority.”
  2. Marcia has two regular sewing machines; a Viking and a Janome, model 6500, “which I love.” She does not give her machine names.

More upcoming posts about Marcia DeCamp and her Studio will be forthcoming!

Post #2 of 3 – Learn about a few tips that Marcia uses that you can try in your own sewing space.
Post #3 of 3 – Marcia DeCamp Dyeing and Surface Design

Marcia DeCamp’s website can be found here: http://www.marciadecamp.com

Marcia’s blog can be found in Sew, O’Susannah’s blog links on the left or you can go there directly from here: http://www.decampstudio.com/. The blog also lists Marcia’s exhibitions.

Don’t forget to post your comments, share, Pin, Tweet or post to Facebook, etc. If you have a picture you want me to post, email it to me and I’ll get it up.

Thanks for reading! …Betsy


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