It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #5)

For today’s TBT, I present you with a pink and white Hearts and Gizzards quilt picture. The original picture was taken in 1991. This quilt was probably made sometime in the 1930s.

TBT Quilt #5

Hearts and Gizzards Vintage Quilt

Hearts and Gizzards Vintage Quilt, circa 1930s

Here are the stats on the pink and white Hearts and Gizzards quilt.

Size: 93” x 80”
Date: Circa 1930s
Pink and white
Provenence: Owner who sold the quilt: Hazel Parks.

Bought from: a Robert E. Wright auction (Ohio) on July 25, 1991 for $95.00.
Sold: on August 24, 1991 for $150.00.

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Thanks for reading! …Betsy



4 thoughts on “It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #5)

  1. Beautiful Quilt ! And a pattern I’ve never seen…..wonder if we can find it. These TBT’s have been fun and interesting , thank you for the postings!


  2. Hi, Doris! Thanks for your comments! I have seen this pattern before. I imagine it is in one of the pattern books. If I get a chance tomorrow I will check my resources and let you know whether or not I found it. It may be under a different name, too. –Betsy


    • Thanks Betsy! It seems to me doing appliqué on those bias corners would be less than fun! I think my approach would be make the block , then appliqué? Not sure how that might change “the look”
      It is a strange name, for sure!


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