Tips & Tricks With Marcia DeCamp: Post #2 of 3

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

Last week I introduced you to Marcia DeCamp, a contemporary quilter. I anticipate a total of three posts about Marcia and her studio. This is the second of the three.

I thought in this post I would share with you some tips that Marcia employs as a quilter and as an exhibitor.

Tip #1:
Use wool batting in your quilts.
Have you ever used wool batting? Marcia LOVES it. She said that when a quilt is folded, it doesn’t crease. Have any of used wool batting in your quilts and what are your opinions?

Tip #2:
Use empty fabric bolts to store and move your fabric stash.
I love this tip. Check out the pictures. I know, you’ve heard of wrapping your yardage around those bolts that you can get from your favorite fabric store. But look how Marcia uses them. She places a bolt under her stash and places it on her shelving. When she needs a fabric, she simply slides out the bolt and all the fabric in that stack easily comes with it and she can simply select what she needs. Genius.

Part of Marcia DeCamp's Fabric Stash

Marcia DeCamp’s use of discarded fabric bolts to hold fabric so the fabric can easily be stored and retrieved. The bolts are the white areas you see under the fabric stacks.


Marcia DeCamp and Her Fabric Stash

Marcia DeCamp easily slides out a stack of fabric as it sits on an empty fabric bolt.

Tip #3:
Use a spreadsheet to organize your quilts.
This really is a great way to organize your inventory of quilts. Marcia keeps track of all her quilts this way, including which quilts are where as she participates in shows and exhibits. It helps her to know when she can participate in an exhibit – if the quilt is already out then she won’t be able to send it.

I must say, I also use a spreadsheet. It was the only way I could inventory my mother’s quilts and document information about each one. It is a rather mind-boggling task if you have to do it all at once. But if you start now…

Tip #4:
Storing your quilts.
Marcia rolls her quilts. How, you say? Well, she rolls them around a pool noodle. You know those long plastic noodles that you can use in the pool – floaties of a sort? Well, that’s what she uses to wrap her quilts around. She then ties them with cotton and attaches a tag that identifies the quilt. She then stores them on a shelf.

Marcia DeCamp in her Studio

Marcia DeCamp in her studio showing some of her quilts in storage and how she stores the quilts – around pool noodles. Look closely at the rolled quit in Marcia’s hand and you can see the pool noodle in the center of the rolled quilt.

Marcia DeCamp on Storing Quilts

Rolled, tied and tagged. This quilt is ready for shelving.

Tip #5:
Shipping your quilts.
I think we all have panicked a little bit when we have to send off one of our cherished quilts somewhere. Marcia’s tips aren’t about the postal carriers but about the preparation of the quilts before sending.

Here are Marcia’s tips for shipping quilts.
First of all, the quilt, if possible, is sent in a roll. If not it is folded. Secondly, the quilt is placed in a plastic bag to ensure it keeps dry during shipping. Marcia uses very large plastic bags, of which I didn’t even know you could purchase. She labels the bag and out it goes. Check it out…

Marcia DeCamp's Tips for Shipping Quilts

Bags Marcia uses to ship her quilts to keep them dry.

Don’t forget to post your comments, share, Pin, Tweet or post to Facebook, etc. If you have a picture you want me to post, email it to me and I’ll get it up.

Thanks for reading! …Betsy



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