Marcia DeCamp: Surface Design & Dyeing, Post #3 of 3

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

Marcia DeCamp, Contemporary Quilter

While I won’t be going into processes, necessarily, here, I did want to show you some pictures of fabrics that Marcia has created. Also, Marcia takes classes and has for many years. She is always learning. She took one class where they painted and melted Tyvek to get specific shapes. I would say you need to be confident about experimenting. What do you think?

On Fabrics
Marcia says, “I prefer to hand-dye my own fabrics and then I have control over colors.” That doesn’t mean she uses her own fabrics exclusively. She does incorporate commercial fabrics into her designs. She further states, “I buy PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric which means ready to absorb dyes.” She also uses primary cotton Pimatex PFD fabrics.

On Thread
“I really like Superior threads for sewing and quilting. Even piecing with 50wt. I think seams lie flatter with thinner thread. I like a lot of quilting but don’t like a lot of thick thread on it. You can see the quilting without a ton of thread on top. I want you to predominately see the design of the quilt.”

Pictures of some of Marcia’s surface-designed fabrics

Marcia DeCamp and Surface-Designed Fabrics

Marcia DeCamp and Surface-Designed Fabrics. This fabric design was made using a basket.


Marcia DeCamp and Sruface Design

Marcia DeCamp and Surface-Designed Fabrics. This fabric design was made using miscellaneous items.

Marcia DeCamp and Surface Designs

Surface design by Marcia DeCamp. This was made from screening, I believe.

Marcia DeCamp and Surface Design

Surface-designed fabric by Marcia DeCamp using canning jar seals.


Marcia DeCamp and Surface Design

Marcia DeCamp and some of her surface-designed fabrics using miscellaneous elements, including a potato masher.

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