New York State Fair

Did you get a chance to attend the NYS Fair?  If you didn’t you should really mark your calendars for next year’s State Fair.  I had a chance to attend and was blown away by the artistry at the Arts & Home Center.  Here are a few snap[shots of just some of the fantastic items that were there!

 NYS Fair -1

This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted.  The applique on it was STUNNING! I really enjoyed how everyhthing was displayed.  Quilts hung next to embroidery pieces and clothing as well as woodwork items and knitted items.

NYS Fair -2


I really enjoyed my time at the State Fair and I honestly can’t wait until next year!  I had to have spent an hour just gazing at all of the beautiful items.

NYS Fair-3


And I was very surprised to see a quilt that had been quilted by our very own Jean Lathrop.


So if you see Michele Lauzon make certain you tell her congratulations and if you see Jean let her know that one of her quilts won a ribbon at the New York State Fair !!


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