About Sew, O’Susannah!

About Sew, O’Susannah!

Sew, O’Susannah! is a blog co-authored by two childhood friends, Sue Knapp, owner of, O’Susannah’s Quilts & Gifts in Watkins Glen, NY and Betsy Alderman Lewis of Betty Alderman Designs, a quilt pattern business, based in Palmyra, NY.

Sue’s been sewing and quilting for years and years but she’s not much of a writer. Well, we can’t be perfect in everything, now can we? Her successful shop has now been in business for over 10 years and is going strong.  Fall of 2013 saw her shop selected as a Top 10 quilt shop by Quilt Sampler magazine. Upstairs from Sue’s shop is her retreat space called the Upstairs Inn, a popular retreat for all, but especially for quilters. See here for more information on the shop and the retreat.

Me? I’m Betsy and I’m a writer who is addicted to fabric but doesn’t quite have the quilting skills that Sue has. Okay, not even close. I own Betty Alderman Designs, a pattern business originally owned by my mom, Betty Alderman, who passed away. Currently, I am reprinting some of Betty’s patterns but I am also deep in the soulful art of designing new patterns under the Betty Alderman Designs name.

Anyway, with Sue’s quilting expertise and my unending curiosity about the why and how of quilting and my writing ability (we hope you will agree), we decided to form a blogging team. The result is the Sew, O’Susannah! quilting blog.

My background is in technical writing but I truly do have a sense of humor.  However, if you notice the text getting a little too dry, or God forbid, boring (eek!) comment, and we’ll lighten things up.


We aim to have fun! Not only that but we plan to delight you with plenty of pictures of new creations, new fabrics, funky stuff, great tools, perhaps a vintage gallery, classes, how-to, videos, and whatever else tickles our fancy or that we think will tickle yours.

Join and follow us and please comment and interact with us. We love your comments and hope to hear from you regularly. Besides we don’t just want to toot to the wind, we NEED you!


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