Quick and Easy Table Runner

Placemats with Candies


Recently I was watching a YouTube tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company on how to make a real simple ‘Zig Zag Table Runner’ by Kansas Troubles.  The complete Table Runner pattern and is available in their new book Layers of Love, stop by the shop and get your copy of it!  There are some really great patterns that are quick and easy!



The runner was really cute and looked beyond simple but one problem, I didn’t need a new table runner but I did need some new placemats!  I adapted what I saw them doing to make some new ones for my table!  What do you think?  Did I do good?  Stop into the shop and we’ll tell you how we made it and you won’t believe how fast and easy it is!




To make mine I used 4 – 5” WOF strips of Jo Morton’s new line of fabric Melodies by Jo Morton we just got this in and I just HAD to do something with it!  These are some really great blender fabrics stop in and check them out, Kim has displayed them front and center in the shop!  For the 2 ½” squares I picked Laundry Basket Quilts Jelly Bean Candies by Moda.  We’ve got some great Candies that would be perfect for Christmas Placemats!


Fabric Requirements


4 Placemats 6 Placemats
Background 1 1/2 Yard 3/4 Yard
Background 2 1/2 Yard 3/4 Yard
Background 3 1/2 Yard 3/4 Yard
Background 4 1/2 Yard 1/2 Yard
Moda Candies 2 3
Backing Fabric 4 Fat Quarters 6 Fat Quarters
Batting 4 – 18″ x 22″ 6 – 18″ x 22″
Bindings Strips  (inc) 8-2 ½” WOF 12-2 ½” WOF

Have you completed your requirements to rent our new Long Arm?  If you have this would be a FANTASTIC project for free motion quilting!  If you haven’t done the intro class yet, make certain you get registered so you can get some made before the holidays!


Fabric I used:


Background Fabric I used Melodies by Jo Morton
#1 Green Pinwheel Waves
#2 Green Clematis Blooms
#3 Green Feathering Leaves
#4 Green Stripes
Laundry Basket Quilts Jelly Bean by Moda



I also used “The Strip Stick” when pressing my seams open.  This is a pretty handy tool to help when pressing seams open or to one side because the iron concentrates on pressing where the seam is.   The Strip Stick is available in 3 sizes: Mini, 18” & 45”, I like the 45” one it’s great when pressing borders too!  Next time you see Ennie in the shop ask her how she likes it!


Meet Liz Trimble

Liz is going to be teaching a wallhanging class, Snowflurries using Studio 180’s Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler.  It is an awesome ruler and Liz is a phenomenal teacher.  I feel very fortunate to have Liz teaching at O’Susannah’s.  I asked her to write a little blurb about the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler and here’s what she said:

Why I love this ruler:

I fell in love with the Lemoyne Star block early in my quilting career, but I didn’t love how they were constructed: cutting diamonds (bias edges to worry about!), drawing lines on the fabric (never straight!), and Y seams (yikes!!). And I was never thrilled with the end result – some of my seam intersections were a little off, one or two star points disappeared into the seam allowance. Then I learned about Deb Tucker and her Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler, and it has enabled me to make perfect blocks every time.

One of the trademarks of Deb’s Rapid Fire tools is that she has you start with pieces that are slightly oversized, and then you use the ruler to trim the units down at several points during the process. The result is perfect intersections and perfect points – very satisfying!!

You too, can fall in love with this ruler.  Take Liz’s class on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

New York State Fair

Did you get a chance to attend the NYS Fair?  If you didn’t you should really mark your calendars for next year’s State Fair.  I had a chance to attend and was blown away by the artistry at the Arts & Home Center.  Here are a few snap[shots of just some of the fantastic items that were there!

 NYS Fair -1

This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted.  The applique on it was STUNNING! I really enjoyed how everyhthing was displayed.  Quilts hung next to embroidery pieces and clothing as well as woodwork items and knitted items.

NYS Fair -2


I really enjoyed my time at the State Fair and I honestly can’t wait until next year!  I had to have spent an hour just gazing at all of the beautiful items.

NYS Fair-3


And I was very surprised to see a quilt that had been quilted by our very own Jean Lathrop.


So if you see Michele Lauzon make certain you tell her congratulations and if you see Jean let her know that one of her quilts won a ribbon at the New York State Fair !!

Machine Quilting Classes

Mandy Applebee our instructor for machine quilting on your domestic machine wrote this blog post.  She’s getting excited to start classes again since her kids are back in school !


YEEHAW, school is starting again!!

If you know me, you KNOW I don’t really cheer when the kids go back to school I miss them terribly. This will be my first year without any kids at home during the day, my baby is off to Universal Pre-K and it is a full day program…… I am going to be alone with my longarm quilting machine all day…..OH MY the plans I have for us. Okay, enough about that I am here to tell you about the CLASSES that are coming up this fall!!

I will be at O’Susannah’s Quilts this year teaching BOTH on the domestic machine AND on the LONGARM!! I made some new samples for the domestic machine quilting classes, you will have to give me a BIT of slack about the longarm classes, I am still writing the outlines and trying to decide just what I can cram into the amount of time we have. Check out the samples at the shop they are hanging up there now!!
I also know that the shop is carrying the new printing of my FAVORTIE book the 365 free-motion quiltng designs by Leah Day that we have been waiting for in class, as well as some of my favorite books by Angela Walters AND she now carries Fil-Tec polyester thread in 16 colors YEAH!!!! Be sure to check them out, it is going to be an AWESOME fall of classes!!

MQ Circles 1




It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #9)

For today’s TBT, I present you with a Corn & Beans Variation quilt picture. The original picture was taken in 1991.

TBT Quilt #9

Vintage Corn & Beans Variation Quilt

Vintage Corn & Beans Variation Quilt from Ohio.

Here are the stats on the Corn & Beans Variation quilt.

Size: 104” x 84”

Yellow and multi-colored fabric scraps. [I wish the picture was better, especially if some of that fabric is yellow. It doesn’t photograph well, I don’t think.]

Bought: Bought for $110.00 July, 1991 from a Roush Auction, Shelby, Ohio. The quilt came from the estate of Bermuda Shupe.

Sold: Sold for $350.00 on July 29, 1991.

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Thanks for reading! …Betsy