Keeping it Fascinating!


Much anticipated I know…here are the directions for making your first fascinator.  Party coming up? Valentine’s Day – add a little magic to your romance with just the right fascinator at just the right tilt on the head with just the right outfit. These make up fast so beware; you may end up with a shelf full. Ready?

  • Step 1: Draw a 5 1/2” circle on a piece of Lazy Girl Stiff Stuff (if using this product you will need to cut 2 pieces for appropriate thickness). Or, you can use 1 thickness of Pellon’s Peltex 72F Double-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer. Tip: use a small bowl or container of the approximate size to draw your circle. It  makes life easier.)
  • Step 2: Cut out your circle.
  • Step 3: Mark the center of your circle with a dot (you can just eyeball it).
  • Step 4: Next, you want to cut a wedge out of your circle. The wedge should be about 1” at its base and the end point should be about 3/4 of the way to the center point.
  • Step 5: Cut your fabric. You can choose whatever you want. Ours were made with 2 contrasting fabrics and a contrasting binding. Cut 2 circles approximately 6” in diameter from each one of your chosen fabrics for the top and bottom of your fascinator.
  • Step 6: Your fabric will be over the cut out wedge. At this point you want to make your dart at the wedge. You will be manipulating your fascinator into a slight cone shape – think bullet bra or fortune cookie shape. Fold your fabric dart into the bottom of the fascinator.
  • Step 7: Mark the point of your dart with a pin. Sew your dart with a 1/4” seam allowance and end at your pin. Tip: I find that you may want to increase your stitch size a bit to allow for the thickness of your fascinator.
  • Step 8: Cut your binding strip 2” wide and long enough to go around the fascinator.
  • Step 9: Fold the binding together with wrong sides together and press the entire length.
  • Step 10: Place the binding’s raw edge to the raw edge of the top of the fascinator, stitching the binding to the fascinator with a scant 1/4” seam.
  • Step 11: Bring the binding to the inside of the fascinator, clipping it around the fascinator to secure it.
  • Step 12: Top stitch right next to the edge of the binding. That way you don’t have to do any hand sewing.
  • Step 13: Voila! You are done with the basic hat.
  • Step 14: Hot glue a hair clip to the interior of your fascinator.
  • Step 15: Fancy it up! Add tulle, ribbons, feathers (oh yes!) and if you have any stray charms or pieces of costume jewelry, add a little sparkle to your hat by hot gluing it on.

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