It’s Throw-Back Thursday (TBT Quilt #3)

For today’s TBT, I present you with a Churn Dash quilt picture. The original picture was taken in 1991. Anyone care to venture a guess on the date of this quilt?

Have any of you made a Churn Dash quilt? How about a Churn Dash block? I know I have.

TBT Quilt #3

Churn Dash Quilt from Navada, Ohio

Churn Dash Quilt from Navada, Ohio

Mom didn’t make a lot of notes on this quilt.

Here are the stats on the Churn Dash quilt.

Size: 70” x 74”
Multi-color with blue and white homespun backing and binding. [It appears to me to have been blanket-stitched around the binding. What do you think?]

Bought from: Mike Clum Auction in Navada, Ohio August 14, 1991

Bought for $230.00 and sold it on August 28, 1991 for $250.00

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Thanks for reading! …Betsy


Wordless Wednesday

Sue’s Stairs

Sue's Stairs

When you love fabric (and sell it, too) you can come up with some pretty creative uses for fabric. Check this out – Sue cut fabric rectangles to fit the risers on her stairs at home. Add a little ModPodge and viola! Perhaps Sue is a decorating diva in disguise???